Investing with joy

Balance Personal and Financial Wellbeing.


I began this group because I want to help friends make their money/savings work harder for them and teach financial literacy/education/wealth/early retirement. I know investing and the equities market can seem pretty intimidating so I wanted to create workshops and a support group to help educate people and "de-mystify the market".

True Story.

For the past 7 years I’ve been fortunate to visit 80+ countries in search of happiness and freedom and be base in Singapore without having to work full-time. This is all possible because I got really good at trading stocks. I turned a hobby into the means to support a lifestyle I dreamed up and work as much as I want (average 2 hours a week).

Many of you have asked me how I started investing and trading on the stock market. Questions like:

“How do you have so much free time and live off trading, and can YOU teach me?”

“How much money do I need to get started?”

"What if I lose all my money?"

I’ve been a profitable, self taught investor for 12 years. I believe that investing can be accessible for everyone and I have made it my mission to share my methods with a select group of people. Anyone can learn!

I feel so fortunate not to have any job-related stress and living a life where I’m the boss, going wherever I want and decide how to spend my time doing the things I love.

I want to help people achieve their dreams and turn a hobby into a means of supporting themselves comfortably.

At this very moment, you may be at your desk thinking, “Is it really possible to do whatever I want, wherever I want and with whomever I want? Or learn a new skill with friends?”

The answer is YES.


I would love to hear from you.

"If you want to go fast go alone; if you want to go far go together" - African Proverb Human beings need community, we've survived this long on earth because of tribes and communities. Same applies for investing. We will do better if we can hold each other accountable, share ideas, research and insights. We have social events, yoga, meditations, psychology talks, speakers, and weekly insights (recommended readings, videos, podcasts, stock recommendations). Savings accounts return MAX 4%, we are targeting 10%+ returns and in a fun and easy way :)

The vision for the group is:

  1. Teach about investing, FIRE, financial freedom
  2. Help friends build a better relationship with money
  3. Share my values around Financial Wellness
  4. Focus on investing psychology, mindset. (you need the grasp the soft touchy feely stuff as well to succeed. Coming from a stubborn, logical, ENGR😜)
  5. Build an engaged, unified group where we support & motivate each other in becoming better traders
  6. Win -win. I genuinely want friends to get more out of their savings (if my peers win, I win)
  7. This is NO ordinary financial group, everyone is responsible in creating this group

Zero. Just interest in learning about companies, sectors, trends, fundamentals, correlations, and most importantly, mindset.

Min $100. Recommended $10,000.

It really depends if you did your homework. You will be setting up your own portfolio under my guidance while being accountable to the group during the 2 weeks. Past students are making between 10-35% returns. It really depends if you implemented your portfolio plan correctly as well as how the market is performing. Part effort, part market conditions.

For those who wants to learn investing so whether you have zero experience or have a bit of experience but want to refine and be more disciplined in your approach. This intro courses for you if you want to:

  • Be hand held because you simply don’t know where to begin
  • Begin building passive income
  • De-Mystify the stock market
  • Learn a holistic approach to investing
  • Start your own business
  • Move to a new country
  • Take a year off to travel or be location independent without JUST BURNING through savings
  • Work from Anywhere
  • Live anywhere (with internet)
  • Take a break because enough is enough
  • AND you will have a loving, non-judgmental community of people who will support you on your journey of financial investing.

What to Expect:

We’ll of course have fun too! I have a whole lineup of activities: sharing circles, yoga, meditation, trading simulation games that will help you not only help change your mindset ­– we’ll get you started with trading on the market with CONFIDENCE! 🧘🏻‍♀️🕺🏻🎉

Thanks for expressing interest in the next investing workshop Awesome and abs no pressure. I would like to see my friends grow and make the most out of their savings in an educated, safe way.

It’s a 2-3 week workshop (depending on the groups availability), one a class a week for 3 hours, that teaches you how to invest- by the end of the class you open up your trading account, know my structure/rules for investing and start creating a portfolio of stocks.

It’s set up over multiple weeks so you can research, open up a brokerage account, gather as many questions as you can and also absorb information at a comfortable pace. Let’s be honest, taking control over your finances and investing your hard earned money can be intimidating. The commitment is 5 hours a week including homework; $999, 10% off if you bring a friend $899. Ping me if you want to chat about it.

The Intro to investing workshop is a personalized program designed to help you understand the basics of trading and how to change your relationship with money. Ultimately, make your money work for you! The following is a list of topics that will be covered in the Intro workshop which is 3hours x 3 sessions over 2 weeks.


  • Mindset shift around money
  • The "psychology of Investing"
  • How to measure your risk appetite
  • How not to get too attached to your money (Catch flights, not emotions)


  • Background on the stock market
  • Basic technical terms explained
  • How you can make money
  • Fundamental Analysis (What you really need to know)
  • Value Investment


  • Setting up a trading account
  • Running trading simulations
  • How to set up trades
  • How to evaluate stocks and decide where to invest


  • Can I live off of trading?
  • How do I outperform the market?
  • What are the fees/risks in trading?
  • How do I cope if the market crashes?
  • How much money do I need to start off with?

I have been asked why I include yoga, meditation, exercise or sharing circles in my investing workshops. Why we talk about our fears around money knowing very well well that we ALL want more.

Investing with joy is a holistic approach to attracting more abundance into your life. Focusing on psychology. In order to be successful in life you need to have your mental, physical and financial wellness working together. Nowadays we want other people to fix our problems.

“Hey Doc, my lower back and neck hurts to the point where I can’t move”.

“Hey Joy I have zero savings and I want to retire soon, can you fix this?” AND quick!

We as a species have literally forgotten how to move, to dance and even to BREATHE. We have forgotten how to connect to ourselves & to have healthy relationships with ourselves. How can we possibly have fulfilling relationships with others?

Not to mention we are competing with so much addictive distraction. As much as the Internet disseminated information and entertained us; we have never been more lonely, depressed and disconnected from ourselves and the present unfolding.

Of course your child or your partner is always looking at their phone. It’s easier than ever to NUMB our negative feelings. You never have to deal with fear, anxiety, trauma or ever feeling not good enough ever again. Until you do! This class is aimed at dissolving some of your fears around money so that you attract more of it into your life. I have spent the last 7 years trying to resolve the problems above and I can only trust myself to trade when I’m in a good space headspace.

There’s a reason why 90% of investors and lose 90% of their money in 90 days. It’s about mindset.

Let me help you get started with investing on the right foot!

You would need enough interest/money generated from your principle to live off of comfortably. So for me, I am comfortable living off $4K/month, which is about $50K/year. Given we are expecting at least 10% gains, you need a base amount of $300K for investment.