Balance Personal and Financial Wellbeing Investing with joy

How much of the stress in your life is work related?

What if you didn't have a boss, demanding clients, set deadlines/targets or a long commute?

I’ve been really fortunate to create a stress-free lifestyle of traveling and trading. For the last six years, I've enjoyed the freedom lifestyle. As a yoga teacher and private investor traveling the world creating the adventures I want, where I want and with the people I want; on my terms.

I am an engineer by training, founded companies, award-winning coworking groups and hosted startup competitions in Europe, US and Asia. Recently I’ve been getting a lot of messages and requests about teaching people investing and trading. My inbox is flooded with “how can you live off of trading without being stressed out, can you teach me?” I am now empowering other people to live their passions and purpose without falling off a financial cliff. I will believe in you until you believe in you.

With love and gratitude,

Joy Chien

Your Financial Wellness Coach